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Krinkls fund

"Some animals just need a second chance to find their forever home."  KP


Post op surgery #1
Hospitalized with feeding tube
Melinda one of the generous donors
I'm a title
recovering after surgery #2
Riding to work with buddy Marco
Relaxing with Comet
Resting in her favorite bed
Recovering at Dr P's house
Surgery #3
Dr. Doverspike during final surgery
Hanging out with Dr. P
Cal West Pet Hosptial Staff
Hanging out with Dr. Miller
Getting ready for the big day
Bon Voyage party at the SPCA
Reunited with her family
Happy at Home

Once in a while you come across a dog that just tugs on your heart strings and Krinkls is that kind of a dog.  She came to the shelter like many animals with an unknown history.  She overcame a great obstacle and taught everybody that crossed her path a thing or two about life.  When her mandible was fractured and UC Davis was not able to offer medical assistance, a community came together.  I enlisted the help of Vanessa, an RVT at the Spay/Neuter Clinic and began a fundraising campaign in order to offset the cost of repairing her jaw. Due to the generosity of the donors and Dr. Jurberg at Cal West Pet Hosptial and Dr. Mark Doverspike a community was able to help this wonderful dog.  Three surgeries later Krinkls is a success story.  Although she only has half a jaw, she gives out kisses to anybody that comes within range of her soft tongue.  She has a true zest for life and can teach us all a thing or two about living with adversity.  She loves all people and dogs like they are her best friends.  A community came together and it was an amazing thing to be a part of.   In honor of Krinkls, we have started a special fund called the Krinkls Fund.  Donations will be used to fund medical treatment of shelter animals.  Go to to donate.  Some animals just need a second chance to find their forever homes. 



Lily is another recipient of the Krinkls Fund.  Lily came to the SPCA nursing 6 kittens.  Later it was discovered that she had suffered some major trauma and had possibly been hit by a car before she arrived at the SPCA.  Her left rear leg had lots of scar tissue and as a result Lily had a secondary luxating patella.  Lily would vocalize when walking around due to the  discomfort in her left knee.  Dr Mark Doverspike was able to perform surgery on Lily's knee and repair her luxating patella.  She now has a forever home.

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