A Giant Thank to all the volunteers that helped at the Second Annual No Fathers Day


Final Numbers 102 male cats neutered

8 females spayed !

Client information

Admission Form

General Information

There will be a staggered drop off/pick up time for this event. When you recieve your email/appt, you will be given a drop off and pick up time.  Drop off will either be at 7:00 am (pick up 11 am) or 7:30 am (pick up 11:30 am) or  8:00 am (pick up 12:00pm)  All cats need to be in traps or functioning hard shell carriers.  Card board boxes and mesh carriers will not be permitted for this event due to the volume of cats and owners that will be accomodated. Cats should have an overnight fast but water is okay up until the morning of June 14.  Cash or Credit card will be accepted for payment of extra services at drop off time, no checks will be accepted.  Crypt orchid cats will not be accomodated for this event.

Click on the spread sheet to check your appt and drop off time


Lori Blevins

Kristina Betz

Kathy Betz

Sue McDermott

Patti Childs

Chris Roberts

Karen Sewell

Brianna Sewell

Caitlyn Stratton

Amanda Wilder

Cindy McDonald

Sarah Wilson

Wendy Phillips

Kim VanBezey

Lisa Dubnoff

Marilyn Bogner

Nina Peoples

Marissa Bass

Missy Evans

Martin Evans

Laura Way

Ski Kowolski

Colette Nuno

Lori Fedyk

Diana Panzer

Skyler Sigler

Wendy Leonard

Miranda Leonard


Liz Chavez



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