Mutual Rescue Eric and Peety

Meet Eva


 In February of 2015, EVA, single-handedly was responsible for saving her family of 4 humans from a house fire.  She also saved her fellow housemates which includes 1 other dog and 2 cats.  Eva was rescued as an adult dog from the SPCA of Solano County by the Bock Family.

It is amazing to hear stories about shelter dogs that have been given a second chance actually rescuing their adopters.  At about 2:30 am, Eva started barking in a way that the owners had never heard before and woke up Kristen Bock DVM to loud noises coming from the garage.   She describes the bark as almost like a person shouting “GET UP, GET UP.”  At this point the smoke alarm was silent. Kirsten then proceeded to the garage and when she opened the door to the laundry which leads to the garage, she was hit by a large wall of smoke.  Immediately, Kirsten then woke up her children from a deep sleep and got them out to safety.  She then heroically reentered the burning residence to save the pets that were still trapped in their kennels in the house.  There was so much smoke when Kirsten reentered the house she had to feel her way to the living room.  The fire had started in the garage near their car and spread very rapidly due to all the “fuel” that most garages contain (paint, oil, and other chemicals). 

Eva acted heroically and was able without any formal training alerted the family with an almost human like bark that had rescued her 3 years earlier to an emergency situation, a house fire.  Eva was featured on the local news station along with Sophia, Dr.  Bock’s daughter one day after the fire.  The story was also in the Davis Enterprise.


 As veterinarians, we all know the value of pets and how they enrich our lives, but it is rare that people actually recognize when a pet actually “saves” someone’s life.  In twenty five years of private small animal practice I have seen countless times where pets have “saved” people, whether it was from rattlesnakes, mental illness like depression, or in this case a house fire.  We are proud of Eva, one of our former residents from the SPCA that found her forever home with a wonderful family and their relationship is a great example of the human-animal bond.




Meet Missy 

Missy was adopted from the SPCA of Solano County 5 years ago.  Recently she saved her owners life who suffers from both sleep apnea and sleepwalking.  A few months ago Missy's owner stopped breathing and Missy got on top of her and woke her up.  Missy is now recognized as an official service dog by Solano County because she alerts her owner to either breath or wake up.  It is heartwarming to have a shelter dog that was rescued return the favor !

Meet Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket was adopted from the SPCA in Februray of 2007.  He has been a service dog for his owner.  He is able to sense a chemical change in his owner prior to the onset of an ocular migrane which can then lead to seizures.  When he alerts his owner, she can then get to safe place sit down and take her medication to prevent a full blown seizure.  They rescued each other....

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