Teddy Roosevelt receives a very special home.

My parents Dan and MJ have always been animal lovers but after raising 5 children and retiring, they decided they wanted to travel, and travel and travel some more. For the past 26 years (ever since I graduated from vet school) I would come across a pet that needed a home for various reasons and I would ask my parents, "how about adopting this dog or cat?" and the answer would be "We can't we are traveling too much" But this time this special dog came from the SPCA and he wasn't a "special needs dog" and he resembled a Carin Terrier I had growing up so again I asked (and sent a photo) and the answer was finally yes. I finally can take care of my parents dog and they can have their own personal veterinarian....The catch is when they travel, I get to dogsit which is fine by me. Meet Teddy Roosevelt or TR, a Norwich Terrier who is named after our 26th president and acts just like him. This dog was meant to be with my parents and he is spoiled rotten.

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